A New Business Environment

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The headlines detailing the effects of the pandemic have become a wake-up call. We have entered an unprecedented time and a new business environment.

  • Your business may be thinking about altering the way it operates. It is crucial that you move as much of your operations to a virtual environment as possible.
  • You are one of the millions of Americans who used this time to explore your passion and launch a new venture.
  • Y0u are one of the 45% of working Americans with a “side hustle” that you want to grow.

Tailored for solepreneurs whose target market is nationwide and/or regional.

I know new solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, and those who sell courses, struggle to do it all. Starting a business comes with difficulties, but your website shouldn’t be one.  Let me worry about your day-to-day website challenges while you focus on what you do best: grow your business!

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The Great Realization

"In this period of change and renewal, we’ve shifted from The Great Resignation to The Great Realization. People are realizing the possibilities of change and they’re seizing control of their destiny while embracing a newfound ability to set the terms of their employment."

2022 State of Independence