Our Process

Step One

Initial Inquiry

First thing we do is gather information about your business. Fill out the questionnaire for us to review and set a time (Zoom meeting). Please have a budget in mind. In the meeting we want to hear all about your business and story.

Step Two


We will send you a customized proposal. Whether it’s a landing page or multi-page website will determine the timeline. Once you approve the proposal and pay 50% down on the project, the project begins, and we estimate the weeks until project completion, with the remaining balance with the site transfer. Or, if you’re on a continuity plan payment over the next 3 to 6 months.

Step Three

Finalize needs/wants before development begins

We set up another Zoom for deeper dive into the questionnaire so we have a better understanding of your vision. And finalize all needs before development begins.

Step Four


All assets and copy delivered, development starts.

Step Five

Review stages (3)

1st 2nd and final reviews

Step Six

Go Live!

Once finished, its time to publish. If you’re on continuity plan we keep the site updated with copy, press, blogs , and more. If not we give you a brief meeting to show how you can do basic manage yourself.