Free Web Offer

Free Website

Solopreneur or small business Interested in gaining more online presence for your business?

Media Mate is offering a free  WordPress website for clients that sign up for one of our Launch Plus 6 Plans.

Limited offer

We give you your time back!

We know small businesses and solopreneurs -especially those just starting out – struggle to do it all. There is so much to do and it comes with difficulties, but your website shouldn’t be one. Let us take your day-to-day website challenges off your do list,  You focus on what you do best: launch and/or grow your business!


WordPress theme preconfigured

Easy to use, customizable, and supports most business types.

Your WordPress theme comes with business resources that help you track sales and measure performance metrics and deliver more customers. 

*5-page site or 1 page landing page

We help you with the following

Business Name

Domain and Hosting

Install WordPress


Brand Colors


A Different Approach

Websites are no longer set it and forget it. This is different approach from building a site, handing it over, and leaving you on your own. We tap into your expertise and connect it to your entire sales system.

Monthly (6) one-hour training sessions so that after 6 months you have the option to either manage the site yourself or continue with one of the monthly care plans.

WordPress Website

Beautifully designed WordPres theme


Woo commerce shop

Sales Funnel

Sales and Marketing funnel


Manage contacts & email automatons from your WordPress dashboard.


3 one-hour training sessions.

Launch and build your online presence with Media Mate

Media Mate is committed to partnering with solopreneurs and microbusinesses to help share their unique talents, ideas and solutions with the world by reaching their ideal clients through value-driven marketing.

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